How to set up two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is a method to provide extra security for your account. Instead of having just a password to protect your account, Fox Wallet requires that you set up two factor authentication before you start using your account.

Tow factor authenntication will prevent anyone without the code that is sent everytime someone tries to login to your account. The two factor authetication validates that you are the owner of the account through a code that will be sent to your phone via Google Authenticator app.

To set up two-factor authetication follow the steps below: #

  1. After a confirmation email has been sent to your email at signup, click on the confirmation link sent to your email and you will be taken to a page for setting up your two-factor authentication.
  1. Open your the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone and click on the plus sign to scan the QR code displayed on the FoxWallet two-factor authetication screen. If you do not have the Google Authenticator app on your phone you can go to the AppStore of Google Play Store and download it.
  2. Once the code is successfully scanned, click on proceeed to login.

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