Application Features

Buy, Sell, Receive, Transfer, Swap, Earn and engage with DeFi protocols. The FoxWallet app will bring you the best of traditional finance and decentralized finance.

Buy crypto with ease
Buy crypto using direct bank transfer or credit card to fund your account using any currency. Whether you’re in South Africa, USA or Nigeria or anywhere crypto is allowed, we support your currency.

Earn with convenience
*With your capital guaranteed in the currency you invest in. Get the upper hand on volatily and earn without risk.

Connect to your bank account
Fiat off-ramps ensure your crypto becomes spendable anywhere in the world.

Create Unlimited Vaults
We know our users like to specify their crypto for different causes so we provided the ability to create an **unlimited number of wallets and vaults. Now you can segment save for your new house AND your new car!

Multi platform solution
Accessible on all device types with you, the user in mind first. Easily perform any operation from any device.

Receive payments in crypto
We’re working on support for up to 400 cryptocurrencies! Don’t see your favourite coin or token listed? Contact to get it listed on the app. 

Get started in crypto the right way

The price of Bitcoin has seen staggering growth over the last decade. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin. You can buy them in really small parts. Just like you’re able to buy tiny grams of gold, you can buy small denominations of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency you choose. Even as little as $1!



Buying cryptocurrencies is easy and simple. 


For our South African customers, we’ve partnered with Ozow to make all your cryptocurrency purchases legal and compliant and not to mention, EASY!


For international customers, you can purchase all the cryptocurrencies we support with credit card and receive them instantly in your FoxWallet


It’s almost time for lift-off

Drop your details below and we’ll let you know when the clock strikes Zero!