About FoxWallet

Founded in South Africa, FoxWallet was born out of a need to catalyse crypto adoption in Africa through providing a safe, integrated wallet with all the protections of a AAA bank account and the intelligence and reaction time of a fully fledged cyber-security team.

Who We Are

At our core, we’re all crypto enthusiasts, doing our bit to make the world a better place by making crypto safe again. A group of marketers, software developers, designers and strategic business minds came together to build a wallet easy enough for first time crypto no-coiners to join the family with the security of a commercial bank. 

Lonwabo Fololo

chief executive officer

Lonwabo Fololo is an entrepreneur with a diverse background in areas like real estate and construction but fell in love with the crypto revolution and blockchain technology. He believes in blockchain technology’s ability to change the world of finance and create wealth for ordinary people. He is passionate about educating people about wealth creation strategies and tools.

Neo Cheka

chief marketing officer

Neo Cheka  is a public speaker and electrical engineer turned crypto enthusiast. He boasts a stellar career of entrepreneurship while being one of the SA’s youngest and most successful business coaches while travelling across South Africa educating the masses on the freedoms of blockchain technology

Mziyanda Bidi

head of compliance & strategic development

Mzi Bidi is an entrepreneur with the background of skills development and personal development consulting and implementation management , current. Currently an economic advocate , helping humanity to archive economic freedom through crypto currency and blockchain. 

Bruce Martin

chief product officer

Bruce Martin is a techie at heart. Entreprenerial to the core and has experience taking multiple startups to flight as well as go-to-market strategies for corporates.

Ngoni Jiji

head of design

Ngoni Jiji has spent over 6 years creating designs that are driven by research and innovation. He holds a diploma in Information Technology and a Certificate in Graphic Design and Marketing. Since 2017, he has been involved in spearheading marketing strategies and visual creative designs for blockchain related startups.

Kirwin Matthews

solutions analyst

Kirwin Matthews holds degrees in Information Systems and has a knack for piecing together complex processes. He has extensive experience as a Business Analyst and an absolute beast at table tennis. 


It’s almost time for lift-off

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